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After much speculation that the Boondocks were coming back, I was extremely excited when there was an actual release date confirmed.  Unfortunately, I do not have Amercian Cartoon Network, so I had to stream the episode.  As excited as I was for the release of the new season, I was also hesitant because a large part of the show was no longer going to be involved; the creator Aaron McGruder was no…

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I’ve reblogged this in the past and I will never not reblog this to this blog because it is so much more relevant than you think. Learn from this woman.


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Music Monday: Sango

I cannot remember my first experience hearing Sango, I think it may have been a remix he did of Drake’s,”From Time.”  But that is besides the point, once I heard his music I was intrigued because of the way he was able to seamlessly mix the song and invoke new emotion into the song.  I had to look for more and I was definitely very pleased with all that I found.

When I heard his music it was hard…

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Music Monday: Jazzy Jeff feat Erro: Rock with You (Osunlade Mix)

Music Monday: Jazzy Jeff feat Erro: Rock with You (Osunlade Mix)

Today I thought I would give you a nice soulful House remix to Dj Jazzy Jeff feat. Erro’s song Rock Wit U.  The remix was done by Osunlade and I absolutely love what he did with the song.  Every time I listen to it, I envision myself dancing on the beach.

If you are not familiar with Osunlade, he is an American musician and producer.  I highly recommend you look into his stuff if you are into…

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I will forever find this hilarious.

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Game of Thrones Mixtape?

Game of Thrones Mixtape?

You read that correctly.  On March 11 via Soundcloud a hip hop/ reggaeton mixtape based on the HBO show Game of Thrones will be released for public enjoyment called “Catch The Throne”.  The real reason they are doing this mixtape is to target a new audience.  It will be interesting to see if this will change anyone’s watching habits.  You can also checkout Billboard’s article on the mixtape and…

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